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  • Topics for FIR 270

    Topics for FIR 270

    My topics for discussion with Shel in For Immediate Release 270, our monthly long-form podcast episode for July 2022, published on July 18, 2022: The Uber Files The Uber Files are a leaked database of Uber’s activities in about 40 countries that reveals how Uber stormed into markets around the world, and how it used stealth technology and…

  • Web3: Doses of real reality

    Web3: Doses of real reality

    With the hype about all things Web3 in full swing, there’s never been a better time for someone to take a sideways look at what’s going on in the big and bumpy landscape. Enter Molly White, a software engineer and Wikipedia contributor, who combs through news and crypto sites to find the day’s most prominent…

  • The AP shows the way for an NFT marketplace

    The AP shows the way for an NFT marketplace

    An NFT marketplace with a difference? Well, an offering from the Associated Press certainly is different in the content – the NFTs – it’s making available to casual collectors and market makers alike. Launching on January 31, the AP NFT Marketplace will offer unique NFTs, including Pulitzer Prize-winning photos, from some of the most important…