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  • Unmet Expectations with iContact

    Unmet Expectations with iContact

    Updated 18 March 2024. Not long after I posted my late-January update, I learned from iContact Support that they and DHL had concluded that my package had been “lost in UK customs.” I engaged in an email discussion with iContact Support and accepted their offer to ship a replacement camera free of charge instead of…

  • The Musk X effect, and other marketing stories

    The Musk X effect, and other marketing stories

    Published this week on the Socially Unacceptable podcast is an episode where I joined the hosts, Chris Norton and Will Ockenden, as their guest. We recorded this episode in early October, now some two and a half months ago. There has been quite a lot of water under the bridge in that time, including my…

  • Opportunity zooms

    Opportunity zooms

    At a time when massive chunks of the economy are getting crushed, it’s obviously preferable to see your brand enjoying new awareness and engagement. But nobody wants to come across as a “crisis capitalizer,” swooping into a global tragedy with self-interest in mind. And this brings us back to Zoom and how it serves as…