AI Use

I employ artificial intelligence (AI) as a research assistant to help me dig deep into topics I’m passionate about writing. The AI isn’t penning any articles or posts — that’s all me. What it does is sift through lots of public data, spot trends, and highlight relevant sources and topics, giving me a rich tapestry of information to draw from. This allows me to focus on delivering content that’s not just engaging but also researched, and verified by me.

I use a variety of AI tools, primarily ChatGPT Plus, and occasionally Copilot formerly known as Bing Chat as I get to know it. I use a number of generative AI image creators, especially DALL-E 3 integrated with ChatGPT Plus and Adobe Firefly. The generative AI capabilities in the latest version of PhotoShop are extraordinary so I experiment there. In addition, I try out and experiment with new AI tools that come to market (and there are lots).

So, while AIs are fantastic tools for making my research and creative processes more robust, the stories you read here are authentically mine.

Neville Hobson
Writer & Publisher

Updated: 19 November 2023.