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Welcome to my blog of asides. I’m Neville Hobson, a social strategist, communicator, writer and podcaster based in the UK.

I’ve been writing at my primary site NevilleHobson.com since 2002. I started this blog – originally called ‘Outbox’ – in 2020 as a means of extending my online reach with content that’s typically much shorter form than I usually write, or wider in scope in terms of topics, and posted a handful of times a month or so. It had a hiatus during 2021 and emerged again at the start of 2022.

In essence, this is mostly a writing experiment in short-form content and about topics that I don’t usually write about in my primary site. It’s also an experiment with WordPress themes so look and feel changes from time to time. I’m especially interested in the new generation of WordPress block themes (details here if you’re interested).

Don’t expect much engagement here as conversations tend to happen more on social networks especially Twitter. But if you do comment here, or want to get in touch, I will respond.

Thanks for visiting.

Neville Hobson

August 2022.

Creative Commons license.