Neville Hobson

I’m Neville Hobson, a social strategist, communicator, writer and podcaster based in the UK. Welcome to Outbox, a blog of asides.

I’ve been writing at my primary site since 2002. I started Outbox in 2020 as a means of extending my online reach with content that’s typically much shorter form than I usually write, wider in scope in terms of topics, and posted once a week or so. It had a hiatus during 2021 and emerged again at the start of 2022.

In essence, this is a writing experiment in short-form content. Don’t expect much engagement here (who leaves comments on blog posts these days?) as conversations tend to happen more on social networks (you can find me on Twitter @jangles). But if you do comment here, I will see if it makes it through the Akismet filters and will respond.

Thanks for visiting.

Neville Hobson

(Page updated April 2022.)