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Month January 2022

Culture shift

We used to say, “Our world is very different from the one our grandparents knew”. Nowadays, it’s more like “Our world is very different from the one last Tuesday”. Everything changes faster than our ability to process it. Hugh MacLeod… Continue Reading →

The AP shows the way for an NFT marketplace

An NFT marketplace with a difference? Well, an offering from the Associated Press certainly is different in the content – the NFTs – it’s making available to casual collectors and market makers alike. Launching on January 31, the AP NFT… Continue Reading →

Resolving RSS feed problems needs perseverance

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on an updated look and feel for my website that hosts my primary blog. It’s not had such TLC since I refreshed it in 2017 with a new (and still current… Continue Reading →

Get a test kit for Covid self-testing

Getting tested to see if you have the Omicron variant of Covid-19 or not is fast becoming an important part of daily life. At a time when infection rates are soaring – there were over 218,000 people reported newly infected… Continue Reading →

Like a comet

I noticed that I last posted in this blog in April 2020. That’s not far off two years ago. So why am I back here again now? I decided to restart it. Not as a busy blog with new content… Continue Reading →

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