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Topics for FIR 263

My topics for discussion with Shel in For Immediate Release 263, our monthly long-form podcast episode for June 2022, published on June 20, 2022: Google has not created sentient AI — yet The suspension of a Google engineer called Blake… Continue Reading →

It’s now .fyi

I just changed the domain of this site to nevillehobson.fyi Why? you may be wondering. It seems to me to be a more apt domain than .uk, its predecessor (which, btw, now redirects to .fyi). The content I publish on… Continue Reading →

Discussion topics for FIR podcast 257

My topics for discussion with Shel in the For Immediate Release monthly podcast episode 257 for May 2022, published on May 23, 2022: The death of ‘mandatory fun’ in the office If you’re an adult being forced to attend a… Continue Reading →

The Star Wars book that began it all

On this Star Wars Day 2022, my mind turned to the origins of this ennealogy of filmed stories that has endured over a total lifetime of 45 years. The first film in 1977 was what became known as Star Wars… Continue Reading →

A song for Ukraine from Pink Floyd

Published on April 8, 2022, ‘Hey Hey Rise Up‘ is Pink Floyd’s fundraiser for Ukraine featuring Ukrainian singer Andriy Khlyvnyuk of Boombox. This is the first new song from the legendary British rock band since 1994. According to the backstory,… Continue Reading →

Make the Windows 11 Start menu to your liking

If there’s one thing that exercises a lot of Windows 11 users, it’s the Start menu and taskbar. Okay, that’s two things, both related. In Windows 11, the default position of the Start menu is centred above the taskbar, not… Continue Reading →

Web3: Doses of real reality

With the hype about all things Web3 in full swing, there’s never been a better time for someone to take a sideways look at what’s going on in the big and bumpy landscape. Enter Molly White, a software engineer and… Continue Reading →

Culture shift

We used to say, “Our world is very different from the one our grandparents knew”. Nowadays, it’s more like “Our world is very different from the one last Tuesday”. Everything changes faster than our ability to process it. Hugh MacLeod… Continue Reading →

The AP shows the way for an NFT marketplace

An NFT marketplace with a difference? Well, an offering from the Associated Press certainly is different in the content – the NFTs – it’s making available to casual collectors and market makers alike. Launching on January 31, the AP NFT… Continue Reading →

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